Success Rate: 50% - 60%

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Types of Puzzles Task-Based Logic, Indexing, Memory, Association

Haunting of Noriko - Room Escape

Escape Room Games

Accommodates: 5-12 Players (Best with 7-10 Players)                Success Rate: 50% - 60%          

The spirits of a haunted house in Osaka have latched on to your soul. Piece together the clues to solve the mystery of what happened. Put the spirits to rest or become the next victim.

Witness A Horrific Murder

Travel to Osaka, Japan and bare witness to a horrific murder. The family home of the beautiful young Noriko is cursed, every member of the family has gone missing; now it’s up to you to put the spirits of this condemned building to rest. Follow the clues while avoiding the wrath of the poltergeists that haunt the halls, and find a way to bring peace back to the tormented house.

Overcome Your Fears

The entire two-story house stands within the walls of our facility, ready for you to explore. Theatrical lighting and sound effects complete the spine-tingling experience, challenging you and your friends to overcome your fears to venture through the darkness to overcome the curse. With puzzles scattered through the house, the divergently designed room is ideal for larger groups since it allows for multiple puzzles to be addressed at the same time. Is if fear that makes the success rate 35%, or is it just that much of a challenge? The real question is if you are brave enough to find out?

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