Difficulty: Beginner

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Types of Puzzles Logic, Basic Problem Solving, Decryption

The Mayan Curse - Escape Room Games


Accommodates: 3-8 Players (Best with 4-6 Players)                Difficulty: Beginner          

You become the explorer in this daring adventure of discovering the secrets of ancient Mayan Culture. Getting in isn't easy, getting out is even tougher. Will you survive the dangers?

Are You A Good Problem Solver?

Inspired by some of pop-culture’s most famous adventurers, The Mayan Curse gives you the opportunity to explore an ancient Mayan temple and lift the curse of an ancient god. The adventure will test your problem solving skills with it’s gauntlet of logic puzzles. Will your wits help you survive and navigate the challenges laid out, or will you be trapped forever in the depths of the temple?

Challenging Room Escape

The Mayan Curse is one of our first generation missions, and opened with our facility in June 2014. The details of the temple were lovingly hand-carved, and hand-painted over thousands of man hours. It is a beginner level mission, catering to new escapers with it’s linear puzzle design. Don’t let it’s designation as “beginner” fool you, it still provides a challenge; only 50% of those who venture into the temple are able to escape. Do you have what it takes to solve the mysteries and escape in time?

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Dev commentary

  1. Shawn

    The Mayan Curse is a perfect balance of technology, puzzles, and immersion. It's a straight-shot linear mission which makes it great for players new to Escape Rooms.