Our Staff

ShawnManagementDevelopmentBuild Crew

Shawn’s background is in Engineering and Game Theory which lends well to the design and development of Escape Game missions. With a broad understanding of business management, Shawn is responsible for ensuring the health and continual growth of Escape Games Canada.

VickyManagementOperationsBuild Crew

Vicky comes from a background of convention design and customer service management. As an integral part of our build crew, her role is focused primarily on ensuring that the spaces Escape Games Canada builds are as fun and safe as possible. She’s also responsible for helping set industry standards for operations and customer experience.

AndreaManagementCustomer Experience

Andrea runs the show at our Downsview Facility for Escape Games Canada. From the moment you check in, to the time you walk out our doors, it's her job to make your visit something to remember. She’s also in charge of all of our social media.

BenedictSoftwareDevelopmentBuild Crew

Benedict has a Masters of Engineering with a focus in Software Engineering which helps make our facilities smarter. Currently leading all of our software development including websites, custom scheduling, and even puzzles that can change their behavior, Ben is an integral component to the operations and build team.

BenGame MasterArt DirectionBuild Crew

Hailing from Chile, Ben is the least Canadian thing about Escape Games Canada, but is still one of the most important. Ben is in charge of design and implementation of all art assets including briefing videos, website graphics, and much of the art in our missions.

SarahFacility CoordinatorGame Master

Sarah is the mom of Escape Games Canada. She makes sure everyone is doing well physically and mentally. She also takes care of keeping the facility stocked and supplied.

LucGame Master

Luc was living in our vestibule for a few weeks scaring off customers. We had to hire him in order for him to stop. He works for free hugs and soft drinks.

CelesteGame MasterManagement

Celeste is the King of Nerds if you tuned into geek TV. You may also have spotted her gaming stream where she dominates unsuspecting Halo players. Celeste can do it all from running missions to keeping our facility running.

KeatonGame Master

Keaton brings an east-coast charm to our facility. His knowledge of games and his ability to scare the pants off of people make him a favorite among customers and staff. He plays Battleborn.

JennaCustomer Experience

When Jenna isn't raiding World of Warcraft Dungeons you can probably find her taking over the front-of-house here at Escape Games Canada: Downsview. It's easy to spot her as she usually has colorful hair.

ChrisGame Master

Chris can be intimidating because of his size but he knows his games and is always willing to lend a helping hand. We don't need a ladder anymore.


Jason has a background in professional gaming and currently has a huge repertoire for writing about them. He's a wiz with game design and always has really awesome shirts.

AllisonGame Master

Allison loves Escape Games. We believe she has played well over 2,000 at this point which makes her an excellent game master. She also likes dogs.

SimonGame Master

Simon alone keeps Uber Eats in business with his incessant ordering of food which make the rest of the staff utterly jealous. He shares most of the time to make up for it.

TracyBuild CrewGame Master

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry... Tracy is an artist who can sculpt, paint, and fabricate. She adds the little touches that make us unique.

AnaBuild CrewGame Master

Ana is a Jill of all trades who can pretty much do it all. Representing the University of Waterloo she is our honorary co-op student champion.

Shawn 2Game Master

He may not look intimidating but this small town guy has a spark for spooking the crap out of people. If you see him around though, it's a good idea to trust his judgement.

HerbertDesign Specialist

Herbert has an extensive knowledge in perceptive psychology and really knows how to put together a cool game. He lives off of Soylent and has a fear of motorbikes.