How to Play at Escape Games

Escape Games Canada has been open for over a year and we see a lot of people who are new to escaping, so we thought we’d run you through some basics. If you’re an experienced player, these tips will help you level up to an escape master:

1. Mission Duration & Instruction

All of our missions are one hour long. You and your group have a full hour to solve all of the puzzles and resolve the story of your mission. Don’t worry, we won’t just throw you into a room, your visit to Escape Games Canada will always start with a briefing where you will see two videos. You’ll see a safety video and a story video; make sure you pay attention because both contain valuable hints to help you through the game.

2. Teamwork & Communication

Once you’re in your mission, team work is really important. Make sure that you communicate with your team and listen to everyone’s ideas. Even ideas that don’t seem to be correct at first can help lead you in the right direction. Most importantly, make sure you are working together with your team and keeping the lines of communication open while sharing your findings with one another.

3. Locks, Locks, Locks

Locks are tricky things, and no matter how sure you are that you put in the right code, it always benefits you to have someone else from your group try it out. An extra set of eyes never hurts, and an extra set of hands is a huge benefit when you are escaping. It’s far too easy to spin the lock too far when you’re under pressure, or think that you have spun the lock to a 5 when it’s really at 2. Adrenaline kicks in when there’s a clock ticking down, so make sure you get someone else to try if you don’t get through the first time.

4. Explore, Don't Scavenge

Don’t be afraid to explore your mission.We dont like to hide objects from you. We would much rather you spend your time trying to figure out the solution than scavenger hunting. Rooms designed for larger groups may have non-linear puzzle paths. It is advantageous to split up and solve multiple puzzles simultaneously.

5. Hints

Use your hint, that’s why it’s there. If you’ve been stuck on the same puzzle for a while you should grab the walkie-talkie and give us a call. The hint is a tool and it does nothing in your inventory if not used. Another good indicator is when you start to feel you’ve run out of ideas.

6. Team Sizes

You’ll notice suggested group sizes for individual missions which has some variances. We’ve done a lot of testing and we’re pretty confident in these numbers. If you’re an inexperienced group that has never played an escape room before or doesn’t fancy hours of video game playing, try to stick to the higher end of our suggested group size. If you have experienced gamers in your group, you might find a more enjoyable experience closer to the minimum suggest player numbers.