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As Canada’s leading escape game facility, Escape Game Canada’s frequently consulted for a wealth of support services. We offer custom game designs built to your specifications and themes, prop and puzzle creation, a variety of fabrication services, and an ever-expanding library of ready-to-build design manuals carefully categorized for your needs and ambitions.

Contact us at info@escapegames.ca for a video list of all of our props, or click here.
Warning, this page may contain spoilers!

Rooms for sale!

Escape Games Canada’s Consulting & Development Division has put together tested room build packages which include everything from floor-plans to take to an architect, puzzles, software scripts, art assets and more. If you're looking at putting in a high-end addition to your escape room, check out the following links! We also ensure exclusivity by major urban area!

Diamond / Museum Heist

Prison Break

Do we help other facilities?

Escape Games Canada’s Consulting & Development Division is dedicated to helping other escape game facility owners design, build, and develop their new or existing reality missions. Operating as the most successful room escape company in Canada for over two years has given us the correct knowledge and expertise to elevate our partners’ success. We offer a wide array of services and products to prospective facilities across the Americas and parts of the EU.

Why we don't franchise.

Unfortunately, we have many reasons why we don’t believe franchising is beneficial to escape game facilities. We are firm believers in helping owners design and develop their own ideas which helps keep the industry fresh and unique. We also don’t believe in royalties or franchise fees. It’s your business, let’s keep it that way.

So you're just starting out...

Escape Games Canada will take the time to walk you through the type of facility you’re looking to build and decide if your budget matches your goals. This industry isn’t right for everyone and we’ll help you decide if the risk is worth the reward before you even spend a dime.

You have an idea for a puzzle but don’t know how to make it. We can help!

Escape Games Canada has the tools and skills in-house to make just about anything. We’ll even help you with the design and function of the puzzle so that when it hits the floor of your newest mission it will be resilient to customer interaction/abuse and give you the highest possible up-time. We’ll also tweak it using in house data collection on interaction and game theory.

You want to get started as soon as possible? No problem!

A lot of our work is custom but here is a list below of some of the things we do.

  • General Business and Operational Consulting
  • Facility Size, Specification, and Layout Optimization
  • Room Design (3-dimensional perspectives, puzzle paths, theme)
  • Puzzle Design (great for owners with full fabrication capacity)
  • Assisted Puzzle Design (great for owners with minimal fabrication capacity)
  • Full Puzzle Design and Fabrication (great for owners with no fabrication capacity)
  • Contact Us for videos of our available props!
  • Script Writing and Story-line Creation
  • Safety Videos and Mission Specific Briefing Videos with Custom Sound & Artwork

  • Customized Hint Systems
  • Customized Digital Display Timers with Mission Start and Reset Functions (1080p Ready)

  • Zero-Force Easy Release Boxes (The virtually indestructible trigger-able puzzle boxes)

  • And more...

How do we ensure quality?

Given that we are also a facility operator, all of our technologies, operational strategies, and systems are thoroughly tested. If something isn’t working properly it goes back to the drawing board before going into any other facilities. We stand behind our products because everything is designed and made in-house here in Canada with the highest of QA processes.

We analyze our games and some of our puzzles even monitor our guests’ performance. This information helps us design puzzles and missions that we know will be fun, enticing, exciting, and rewarding.

Let’s get started!

If you weren’t fortunate enough to catch us at trade-shows we’re more than happy to catch you up to speed. Given the custom nature of our business we generally like to find out more about facility through conversation. Please help us get started by filling out the form below so we can get you on the road to having a world-class facility.

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