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Leaders in Escape Room Design and Operations.

Escape Games Canada offers consulting support and ready-to-build design guides that destroy the industry standard. Created with decades of game design know-how and real facility experience, each guide is packed with topdown game flow, detailed puzzle strategies, show dialogue, video scripts, tech schematics, and rich artist renderings to help you bring your game to life.

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The best builds in the business

Our work is played in countries throughout the world, and we have an ever-expanding library of designs that are carefully categorized for your needs and aspirations. Our guides aren’t just build manuals – they’ll teach you the skills and perspectives to build successful games yourself.

Our Consulting and Development Division assembles insanely detailed design packages which include everything from floor-plans you can take to an architect, to adaptable puzzles, software scripts, art assets, and more. If you’re looking for a high-end addition to your escape room just hit the links below! Our goal is simple; after building one of our missions, you and your team should be armed with the knowledge and techniques to realize your own imagination as world-class escape experiences.

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Do we offer support?

Escape Games Canada’s Consulting and Development Division offers added support to help you through your build. Support can be added to your design package; please let us know if you’re looking for a little extra help when making your purchase and we’ll connect you with the appropriate assistance.

Why we don’t franchise.

We don’t believe franchising is beneficial to escape game operators, for many reasons. We’re firm believers in helping owners conceive and develop their own ideas, which helps keep the industry fresh and unique. We also don’t believe in royalties or franchise fees. It’s your business, let’s keep it that way.

How do we ensure quality?

Since we’re facility operators ourselves, all of our technologies, operational strategies, and support systems are thoroughly tested. If something isn’t working properly, it goes back to the drawing board. We stand behind our products because everything is designed and made in North America and undergoes a strenuous QA process.

We heavily analyze our in-facility games, and many of our puzzles even monitor our guests’ performance. That information helps us design experiences that we know will be fun, exciting, and rewarding for the broadest spectrum of customers.

Let’s get started!

Given the custom nature of our business, we like to find out more about your facility and team through conversation. Please help us get started by filling out the form below, so we can get you on the road to having a world-class facility.

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