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Escape Games Mississauga Preview

A sneak preview of The Curse of Crooked Creek.

Escape Games Canada is finally opening a sister facility. Located in Mississauga, the facility is predictably called Escape Games Mississauga and is an all-new concept of escape entertainment that will amaze even the most experienced escape room players. While the facility is still under construction, we want to offer you a sneak peak of what you can expect when it opens in the spring/summer of 2017.

The Curse of Crooked Creek

Escape Games Mississauga will open with one mission containing two games called Curse of Crooked Creek. Crooked Creek is a fully realised medieval village that you can explore with your friends. The mission is over 3,000 square feet with six distinct zones to explore and solve, it’s like playing several escape rooms in one! Inside the Curse of Crooked Creek, there are two different games. You can play game A, or game B, or both; the story lines are related but not dependent on each other. If you’re daring enough, there is a lot to explore since each game is an hour long and will take you through half of the village of Crooked Creek.

The Future of Escape Games Mississauga

Our goal is to fill the huge 11,000 square foot Escape Games Mississauga with three missions. Our team will continue to tirelessly build until all three missions are ready sometime in early 2018. Curse of Crooked Creek is just the beginning. We want to reinvent how you think about escape rooms by reaching a new level of immersion. Not only are we incorporating incredible, interactive props and technology, but new puzzles that interact with their environments. All of these elements will create an experience like no other.

The facility promises to change the way you look at escape rooms and is currently under construction. Real enthusiasts can purchase early-bird tickets at a discount now on our website. For those who are not sure if they are ready to take on an entire cursed village, stay tuned; Escape Games Canada will continue to post images and information about this new facility as it becomes available.