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Escape Games North York vs Mississauga!

For anyone who hasn’t already heard the amazing news; our new facility in Mississauga is officially open! We are thrilled to announce that Escape Games Canada: Mississauga’s operations are in full swing and we couldn’t be more excited to share our hard work with you! Now, some of you may be wondering what the difference is in between our North York flagship location and the newly opened Mississauga location. Well, that’s a valid question. Read on to learn a little bit about what makes Escape Games Canada: Mississauga so unique.

Explore the buildings in Crooked Creek to solve their mysteries.

Are you a Hunter or an Exorcist?

First of all, let’s clear the air; the games at Escape Games Canada: Mississauga are not escape rooms. We have been working hard to design a new concept and a new way to play, and we are happy to introduce this new style of gaming at our new facility. Think of the Mississauga location as having an adventure game with escape room elements. The game is called The Curse of Crooked Creek, and it is a 3,000 square foot medieval village that you and your friend can explore. Within the village, you can choose to play as a Hunter or an Exorcist; each of these paths is the equivalent to one-hour long escape room. Unlike our North York location which offers six variations of escape rooms, our Mississauga facility offers something completely new!

Our new performance-based games mean the higher your skill, the higher your score.

A New Way to Play!

At Escape Games Canada: Mississauga, players are free to roam. We built an entire medieval village called Crooked Creek that players can explore freely. Inside the village, your lantern is your life, and it will guide you on your adventure. You’ll need to be attentive to your lantern; since you’ll be sharing the village with other players, that lantern is your key to access your objectives and keep track of your score. Yes, in The Curse of Crooked Creek you are playing for score. So keep your lantern safe and head back to the lobby at the end of your game to find out how you did! Crooked Creek is inhabited by villagers and other players alike, in essence, you share the space while you play. In fact, Crooked Creek is a living, populated place! But don’t worry because you’ll never find yourself playing the game with strangers; every booking is private.

Escape Games Canada: Mississauga is the next evolution!

Escape Games Canada: Mississauga is still going to have all of the elements you’ve come to love from Escape Games Canada’s flagship North York location. We’ve seamlessly integrated technology into an immersive and interactive environment to create the ultimate game experience! The Curse of Crooked Creek is a must play experience for all escape game fans; check out our online schedule and give us a call to book your adventure!


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