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Online Escape Rooms

Take The Adventure Online.

Who says you have to be together with your friends or family to enjoy escape rooms? If you can’t get together with people in person to enjoy an escape room, then why not get together online to play online escape rooms with our partner Gaggle?


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Why Online Escape Rooms?

Play together. Anytime. Anywhere.

Whether it is because of a lockdown or you are separated by many miles, you may not be able to partake in an escape room experience with friends or family. Our partner Gaggle helped solve that problem with its online escape rooms.

These games are as fun and challenging as a real life escape room, but enjoyed from the comfort of your home. Here’s what you need to know about the games from Gaggle:

  • Gaggle is the world’s first video chat integrated escape room
  • Games can be played with 2 – 4 players
  • Games can be played anytime (no booking required)
  • Games are compatible with Mac and Windows
Online Escape Rooms

Jump In Today

Through innovative ideas and a desire to provide unique social experiences, Gaggle has put together some fascinating experiences.

Here are the available online escape rooms that players will be able take on with their friends or family:

  • Return Of The Mayan Curse – 120 minutes to win
  • Awakened (Coming Soon) – 150 minutes to win
  • Felon Island (coming Soon)
  • And more are on the way!

Online Escape Rooms FAQs

We get many questions about the online escape rooms available at Gaggle. This is why we put together these helpful FAQs:

How Do I Play a Game?

First, you’ll have to sign up with an account. After that you can download the game that you want to play.

Is there any equipment that I need to play?

Besides a computer, you will need a microphone, and you can use a webcam.

Will I have to download a video chat software to play?

No. This is integrated into the games.

Can I play on a tablet or mobile phone?

The games are mainly optimized for desktop and laptop. Check with each game as some can be playable with other devices.

Will these games work on a Mac?

Yes they should. For some games, you may be asked to give a specific game permission to let you share your device’s microphone and camera.