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How To Propose In An Escape Room

Escape Games Canada has proudly taken part in many proposals.  A number of customers have proposed in games from Mayan Curse to The Unknown, and each and every proposal was as unique and special as the couple themselves. With that said, we do have a few key pieces of advice for anyone who is looking to incorporate an escape room into their special day, here they are in no particular order:

We can help you plan the ultimate surprise.

1) Play the game before the big day

That’s right, we recommend playing the game you are thinking of proposing in twice. Your first playthrough is important; it’s a trail run so that you know what the game contains and you know how to solve its challenges. The importance of this all comes down to some simple logic: if you want the surprise of the proposal to fall at the end of the game, you need a way to guarantee your significant other can get to the end of the game, therefore you have to play the game beforehand to be sure you can reach the end and that all-important surprise. So grab a few friends you trust to keep your secret plans and play an escape room as prep!

Use nostalgic mementoes to customise your proposal.

2) Add personal touches

Sure we can hide your ring in the last puzzle, but there are other options to personalise the game as well. How about some roses or a picture of you and your SO with a riddle on the back? While we can’t rearrange any of our existing games, we can work with you to incorporate subtle little touches that reflect your relationship to make the proposal extra special. Imagine making use of all those concert tickets you saved, or that teddy bear from your sixth date; all of these little pieces of nostalgia take on extra meaning in the context of an engagement and we encourage you to find a way to incorporate them. If you’re not nostalgic, don’t worry, there are other ways to personalise an escape room proposal! Write a riddle that references your first date and plant that in the game’s last puzzle for your partner to find before you get down on one knee! There are infinite ways of personalising the event to make it uniquely yours.

The secret to the perfect surprise is planning.

3) Plan ahead

Popping the question is a big deal, so don’t leave anything to chance. At Escape Games Canada, we make sure to take time with to plan with anyone who is planning to propose in one of our games. We want to walk through the games with them and make sure that we see what our customers see. We want to know that we understand exactly how they want the proposal to happen, we want to ensure that the moment is as perfect as possible. So make sure you give us some notice, call us and talk to us about your options. Let us help you create the perfect proposal.

If you’re thinking of incorporating an escape room into your big day, Escape Games Canada can help you. We want to work with you on every detail, from where you’ll pop the question, to what personal touches and memories you want to include; we guarantee that the proposal will be memorable and cute AF.