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10 Commandments of Escape Games

Apr 10 2018 | Blogs

We can post a million articles about how to win escape rooms and what not to do, but the bottom line is that escape rooms have some universal truths. Just like life, there are commandments to follow in every game to ensure your best chances of success. Escape Games Canada designs our missions with very specific parameters, so our commandments apply to our missions across the board. Here are 10 truths that apply to all of the games at our facility; players that keep them in mind will certainly find their missions easier to escape.

  1. Thou shalt not over or under-think
  2. Thou shalt communicate with thy friends
  3. Thou shalt set aside all differences until the game’s end
  4. Thou shalt use the game’s lighting as a clue
  5. Thou shalt play with an appropriately-sized group
  6. Thou shalt not put props in thy pocket
  7. Thou shalt wear comfortable shoes and clothing
  8. Thou shalt use your one hint
  9. Thou shalt not spend more than 10 minutes on a single puzzle
  10. Thou shalt inform thy teammates of any clues found

Why is it important to keep these in mind? There are a few reasons; knowing the commandments will help you solve your escape room more effectively. Since every escape room facility designs their games differently, understanding a facility’s build philosophy will help you play your game more efficiently. You don’t want to spend time figuring out the rules, you want to play! So these rules that apply to all of Escape Games Canada will help you make the best possible decision while you play. Instead of having to figure out and implement a strategy for every mission you attempt, keep these universal truths in mind to help you escape any game with ease.

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