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3 Reasons to Play an Escape Room This Summer

May 26 2022 | Blogs

We know the warm weather is exciting. Everyone is out on a patio or by the lake, and we don’t blame you. We Canadians savour every beautiful day we can get during our few summer months, but we have three compelling reasons why you should consider staying indoors and playing an escape room this summer.

1. It’s a great group activity

Summer is a fantastic time of year to get together. Exams are done and the days are longer, what better way is there to celebrate then getting together with your crew? An escape room is a fun and challenging way to spend a couple of hours before hitting the patio. And just think of the stories you’ll be able to tell! One escape room leads to hours of laughter, inside jokes, and endless stories while you rehash your game.

2. Beat the crowds

Since nice weather is hard to come by in Canada, you can bet most outdoor attractions get crowded once the sun comes out. Wonderland, the beaches, all of them are a mess of crowds and lines. But when you book an escape room, that space is exclusively yours. No lineups, no waiting, you and your crew get to enjoy any game you like at the time that works best for you. In a season of business, what could be better than having fun on your own terms?

3. Air Conditioning!

Yes, the weather is beautiful, but it’s also insanely hot. Sometimes, a little AC goes a long way. Consider that when you book an escape room, you’re guaranteed an hour of fun in a well air-conditioned space. You and your friends can beat the muggy, hot weather and solve some puzzles before heading back out into the sweltering heat of Canadian summers.


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