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3 Weird Escape Games Superstitions

Apr 06 2022 | Blogs

If we’re being honest, the Escape Games team is kind of strange. A few of us have been working here for a while and we’ve developed some strange beliefs. Recently, a new team member pointed out just how silly some of these were, and while we were all having a good laugh at our own expense, we thought we would share some of our sillier superstitions with you. We hope you enjoy our top three weird superstitions.

1. The Birthday Curse

Don’t worry, this doesn’t apply to customers! But it has long been believed that if a member of the Escape Games staff works on their birthday, something terrible will happen. You might think that this rumour was started by management as a kind way to encourage the team to enjoy their special day, but we are sad to report that we came to this conclusion because horrible things kept happening on people’s birthdays! Freak accidents like water being spilt near computers, or staff bumping into each other and getting hurt, had us all convinced that there was something malicious at work. Maybe there is a birthday curse, maybe there isn’t, but since most of us try to avoid working on our birthdays, we may never know the answer.

2. Noriko is real, we’re all convinced

In a building this large, there are lots of strange sounds at night. And if you’ve visited us, you know that there are lots of weird sounds during the day too. It’s easy to get spooked when you’re a member of our team, so when something makes us jump we all tend to blame Noriko. Noriko is a staple of Escape Games Canada, she is the central figure in The Haunting Of Noriko, which opened in 2016, and a vengeful spirit that still puts the staff on edge. Since she’s ever-present, the Escape Games team try to be polite and friendly. We try to say hi to Noriko, sometimes we even ask her for help, but we’re always a little weary. Try convincing us that Noriko isn’t drifting through the halls, causing strange occurrences, we won’t believe you.

3. The Horse

This might be the strangest superstition of them all, some of you might be familiar with a little wooden horse that we keep behind the desk. He’s been hanging around since the company opened and was a gift to the owner from his father. Somewhere along the way, we started to believe that the horse is good luck and you can frequently see Escape Games staff reaching to touch the horse to prevent disaster. In fact, sometimes two staff will be having a conversation at the back of the facility only to have one of them charge across the building to touch the horse in an attempt to avoid an ill-omen. So, if you’ve ever heard one of us scream, “Touch the horse!” now you know why.

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