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Everything you need to know before you book Mindshaft

Jul 04 2018 | Blogs

With our newest game, Mindshaft, hitting the scene at Escape Games Canada, we’ve learned that customers have a lot of questions. So, before you come give Mindshaft a try, here’s a short breakdown of everything you need to know.

Going Against Tradition

First, it is important to note that Mindshaft IS NOT A TRADITIONAL ESCAPE ROOM. Sure, it has puzzle elements, but it feels more like an adventure than the kind of escape room you would expect us to build. Think of it more like a real-life video game; it’s an experience. Instead of trying to beat the fastest time, you’ll try to complete as much as possible within the time allotted. This mechanic makes the game feel less like an escape room and more like you’ve stepped into a video game.

The Ultimate Adventure

The next thing you need to keep in mind is that Mindshaft is an adventure. Rather than a series of puzzles, Mindshaft has puzzle elements as well as physical elements. Of course, there are other escape rooms with physical elements, but unlike our current missions, all players will have to tackle the physical portion of the game. Players will have to run and jump to be able to complete the game. Don’t worry, we’re not putting you on an intense obstacle course, but we are asking you to move around more than we normally would. It’s best to keep that in mind when you choose your footwear for the day. Players wearing open-toe shoes or anything with a heel might be putting their valuable toes and ankles at risk; you’ve been warned!

Extra Challenge

It’s also important to know that Mindshaft relies on colour differentiation. Unlike other escape rooms where if one player is struggling, someone else can step in and solve the puzzle, in Mindshaft all players will participate equally. That doesn’t mean that someone who is colourblind can’t enjoy Mindshaft, they’re just going to provide your group with an added challenge.

We know this is a long list of things to consider, but don’t let any of this deter you; Mindshaft may not be an escape room in the traditional sense, but it is an incredible experience. Its gauntlet-style play makes it addictive and re-playable. After an hour of progressively challenging tasks and an epic boss battle, you’ll be rewarded with your score and a rush of adrenaline. Mindshaft reimagines escape rooms into an interactive experience that is a completely new way of playing and is a must play for all escape room fans.

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