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5 Types of Escape Room Players

Sep 07 2021 | Blogs

It takes all kinds of personalities to solve an escape room. You need a group with multiple skill sets to tackle a variety of different puzzles. You might not have considered this before, but most escape groups have players that fit certain archetypes. Here’s a shortlist of five different types of escape room players, which one are you?


The Leader

Often the loudest member of an escape group, the Leader is proactive and always looking at the bigger picture. They’ll keep the peace when arguments start and focus on the game’s objectives to keep the team on track. By gently guiding their group, they keep things organized and direct their team members to help solve the game faster.

The Analyst

The Analyst is an expert at compiling and organizing information. The Analyst likes to think; they love puzzles with multiple steps, especially logic puzzles. They can be a little quiet during the game, but rest assured, this player is working hard to try to solve every puzzle they come across.

The Mechanic

The Mechanic is a hands-on player. If there’s a mechanism to use, a switch to flip, or a button to push, they’re already there. You can find the Mechanic scouring the room, looking for anything they can interact with.


The Hunter-Gatherer is a collector. They are quick to take inventory of the room and know exactly what’s where. This is useful because they can help keep an escape team on track. When the team discovers new information, or a new prop to be used, the Hunter-Gatherer probably already knows where it needs to go. This player can frequently be found with their hands full of props.

The Wild Card

Every escape team has one, that one really quiet friend. They might seem disinterested in the game, or maybe you think they’re too shy to speak up, then BAM! That’s when they suddenly solve that puzzle you’ve been stuck on! The Wild Card sneaks up out of nowhere and solves things when the group least expects it.


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