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Bonding in an Escape Room

Sep 10 2022 | Blogs

Nothing brings a group together like a good game. Challenging yourselves and working together to meet a common objective in an escape room is sure to bring everyone closer together. But which game should you choose? Here are a couple of our top picks and how they can strengthen the bonds of your relationships.


In a heist mission like Pathogen, communication is key. Your group plays as a team of elite operatives, tasked with breaking into a high-tech lab. In the process, each player will have to fulfill their role and trust others to do the same. They’ll also need to communicate well to coordinate solving some of the game’s more challenging puzzles. Pathogen is the choice for anyone who wants to strengthen trust and communication skills.

The Ark

Let’s be honest, The Ark is a tough game. There are a lot of complex puzzles to solve before your timer runs out. Your group will have to find a way to not only cooperate with one another to get through each puzzle, but also coordinate effectively to relay appropriate information. Each member will need to play a key role to help solve puzzles. The Ark may test your patience, but if your group can cooperate and solve it, you’ll all share a feeling of immense satisfaction.


Unlike the other escape rooms at Escape Games Canada, Mindshaft takes physical coordination, both for yourself and between your team members. To beat the game, your team will have to face a number of trials that will challenge your pattern recognition, agility, and ability to strategize. It’s a demanding game, but the thrill of defeating the demon is worth the difficulties. Your team will feel a sense of accomplishment if they can manage their skills and resolve needed to win the fight. 

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