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Booking a Spooky Escape Room

Sep 29 2022 | Blogs

Spooky season is upon us, and that means it’s time to think about booking your Halloween escape room–but which game is the best one? What should you book? Since we’re asked about our games so frequently, we thought we’d put together this little cheat sheet to help you make the best decision for your group.

The Missing Will

To be clear, we’re not saying The Missing Will is scary–it’s not. But if you want a game with spooky Halloween vibes that’s great for a big group, then you should definitely consider playing it. In The Missing Will, your group will play as investigators tasked with finding the last will and testament of Mr. Millar; but as you explore his home, strange supernatural events occur. It’s an eldritch mystery, Lovecraft-inspired, and full of atmosphere. This game is great for groups that might be nervous about playing a horror-themed game but still want to celebrate the spirit of the year’s creepiest holiday.


The word we would use to describe Crossroads is intense. While it’s not a horror game, Crossroads is an unsettling game with violence befitting Halloween. In Crossroads, you play as investigators tasked by a detective to help him track down a serial killer. Your mission is to catch the killer before he claims his next victim. With a clock ticking down to midnight, you’ll have to face the killer’s taunts and a difficult moral decision. So, if your group is looking for an immersive and creepy experience, this is the way to go.

The Haunting of Noriko

If you’re a fan of ghost stories, then The Haunting of Noriko is the escape room for you. It’s a two-story haunted house that you and your friends can explore–if you’re brave enough. After a series of grisly murders, your group is tasked with putting the vengeful spirit of Noriko to rest. As she and her family haunt their home, you’ll have to find the courage to slip past the spectres and find a way to bring them peace. The Haunting of Noriko is an Escape Games Canada classic and remains one of our most beloved games. It’s perfect for anyone who’s ok with some graphic content and who is looking for a scary Halloween experience.

Last Resort

Our newest horror-themed game is Last Resort. It’s a creepy little motel nestled in the back of the facility. Courageous groups can brave the abandoned building and try their luck at surviving. Be warned, exploring this motel is not for the faint of heart; this game is graphically violent and very dark. It’s not unusual for groups to be too afraid to move through the game and solve puzzles, so play at your own peril!


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