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An Escape Room Kickstarting a Board Game? Yup!

Jun 30 2018 | Blogs

After months of work and a ton of play testing, we’re proud to finally announce that we’ve launched a party style card game for 3-5 players. We’ve created a special backer tier for $23 where you can pick up the Kickstarter version of the game at our facility! We know, we know… we’re an escape room what business do we have building party games? Well to be honest, maybe none but the best part of our team’s talent is that we all come from a background of game design. Check out the video below, no it’s not an escape room, but it’s from us, Escape Games Canada!

That’s So Wrong: Caveman Edition is the first in what we hope to be a long series of strategic party games that you can learn quickly, but spend years mastering. The game system offers so much substance that you can play them forever and ever until you die and pass them on to your children. Traditional standalone games usually make you pick one: they’re either easy to pick up, but don’t have enough game play to keep experienced players engaged; or they’re loaded with depth, but tough to get into. That’s So Wrong: Caveman edition was designed to keep experienced gamers entertained, while maintaining simplicity so new players can jump right in.

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