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Escape Rooms and Quality Time

Dec 15 2022 | Blogs

For many people, the holiday season means spending time with the ones who are most special to them. Whether it’s friends, family, or members of their community, this is the time of year that people are most likely to find a way to spend time with one another. A great way to bond is to challenge those who are near and dear to an escape room. Escape rooms are a unique and exciting way to maximize your quality time!

Communication is key

Escape rooms force you to work on one thing that is super important to ongoing relationships: communication. Relaying what you’ve found, listening to other people’s ideas, and formulating strategies are all elements of the game. Learning to listen to one another is a skill that will benefit you far beyond any game, and is also a skill that an escape room can help you hone. We’re not claiming that you’ll be expert communicators when you leave, but you’ll certainly have developed a better way to understand your team!

Nothing brings people together like a challenge

Escape rooms offer more complex challenges beyond their need for strong communication. It’s these challenges that can really knit a group together. There’s something about a mutual objective or the thrill of a shared victory that brings people closer. Coordinating a group to cooperate is sure to forge greater bonds–and think of the shared sense of accomplishment when you achieve your goal!

Fun, fun, fun

There’s a great adrenaline rush from solving a challenge in time; there’s a thrill when you finally crack a difficult puzzle. Escape rooms let you share these emotions with your nearest and dearest. You’ll laugh together, get frustrated together, feel victorious together, and most importantly you’ll have fun together! Sure, you could play board games, but they lack the immersive excitement of conquering an escape room. The unique thrill that only an escape room can offer is sure to enhance your quality time and leave lasting memories.


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