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How to Break Escape Room Records

Nov 18 2021 | Blogs

Every group wants to break records. What’s the fun of an escape room if you’re not playing to win? We all want to be the best and hold that coveted “all-time greatest” score, but the reality is that only one team can. So, what is it that separates the record holders from the rest of us? Why can they solve puzzles so much faster? We’ve broken down the habits of successful escape room players so that you can learn from them. Here are some tricks to up your escape room game.

Practice Makes Perfect

Record holders have one important thing in common: they’re experienced players. Many players have visited escape room facilities all over. Some are so enthusiastic that they plan escape room visits into their travels when they’re on vacation. The more frequently you play, the better you’ll get. The old saying tells us that practice makes perfect, and that’s just as true in escape rooms as anywhere else. Like any type of game, playing lots of escape rooms will help you develop strategies, teach you what to look for, and help you recognize how to prioritize the information you find.

Play Smart

Another common trait of record-breaking escape room players is that they play efficiently. Every member of the team has a job; they know their strengths and plan accordingly. You’ll never find record-breakers arguing, at least not during their game. Their communication is always clear and concise. These expert players are also masters of sorting out information. In a room full of clues, they quickly figure out what is immediately relevant and what they’ll need to remember for later on in the game. All of these skills go a long way to saving time.

Not a Minute Wasted

The most important thing to learn from record-breaking escapers is how to leave your ego at the door. These players never debate puzzles or fight about how to solve them, there’s no room for “I told you so” in these groups. They rarely worry about their speed or waste time checking their timer; they focus on the task at hand. The priority is to solve the puzzle. It doesn’t matter who figured out how it’s done or who helped complete it, all that matters is getting the solution so they can move on to the next puzzle. The time they save by keeping their heads down and devoting themselves to the game can mean the difference between an amazing time and a record break!

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