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How to Maximize Your Time in an Escape Game

Aug 22 2019 | Blogs

It can get tricky trying to figure out how to maximize your time in an escape game. We get it. Once you’re in there, the clock starts ticking down, and you panic. While escape games are normally a blast, sometimes the timer can be a bit stressful. Being stressed in an escape game is the last thing we want for you and your team, so we’ve written up some ways to maximize your time in an escape game.

“Let’s split up, gang!”

The number one common mistake we find groups make in escape games is not effectively splitting their team. Having five people stare at one puzzle that takes maybe two people to solve wastes the natural resources you have at your disposal–your brains. Even if it seems like there’s only one puzzle to solve at that moment, look around! Look for clues, look ahead to what might be coming next! Being prepared saves you time.

Just take the hint

If you’re really struggling on a puzzle and it’s costing you a lot of time, definitely consider just taking the hint to really maximize the time you have in the game. At Escape Games Canada, you can still use one hint and make your game a “true success”. Taking the hint to give you a gentle boost might be all you need to speed through the rest of the puzzles. There are many different kinds of puzzles to solve, so it doesn’t mean that your group is slow or not good at escape games. It could just mean that that kind of puzzle is just tripping you up.

Don’t give up!

Sometimes the puzzles are difficult, and even with ideas from your whole team, it might be tough to put all the pieces together. Don’t give up! If you walk away from your group and sit down with a defeatist attitude, it can affect the morale of your group. Keep trying, keep chipping away at options, and you’ll get there.

So, there are a few ways to maximize your time in an escape game. They seem simple, but it might surprise you how many times we see groups slump into some of the bad habits we advise against. Rely on your group, trust them to know what they’re doing, and if you all agree, that hint is still an option. So stay calm, listen to your team, and above all: have fun!

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