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Meet the artist behind Escape Games Canada

May 24 2018 | Blogs

Our missions here at Escape Games Canada are a culmination of the efforts of many talented people. One of the most important to our facility is our in-house artist. His name is Ben Gallego and his art influences almost every aspect of our business. If you’ve ever been to our facility or checked out our website, you have seen his work. His contributions are too often taken for granted; he is singlehandedly responsible for providing our facility with its atmosphere. For these reasons, today we are profiling Ben Gallego.

Ben has been drawing since he can remember. He’s always loved art and spent his life surrounded by it, but Ben says that he started to consider it as a career option when he was in 12th grade. His first drawing tablet turned the tide, as soon as he started drawing, he knew he wanted to pursue art as a career.

Ben’s Influences

When you ask Ben to describe his style, he’ll tell you that it’s always changing. Right now, he’s trying to focus on keeping an element of realism along with a “painterly style”. He feels that as an artist, it’s important that he try to interpret reality as opposed to recreating it. He talks very freely about his inspirations; artists like Syd Mead, James Gurney, and Stanton Feng are all influences on Ben’s work. You can see the impact these artists have had in Ben’s mission posters and briefing videos that he has produced for Escape Games Canada.

Ben is an OG member of the Escape Games Canada team. He has been working with the company almost since its inception, and the growth of his art can be marked by his contributions. From small posters and game tickets to the recently completed mural of death in our entryway, Ben’s imprint on Escape Games Canada is inescapable. He is working on bettering his animation skills and hopes to perfect them working on a web series or an animation. If you would like to keep up with Ben’s work, you can follow his Instagram: @benart_world.

*Cover image by Ben Gallego, 2018

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