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Unite as a team

Willingly locking yourself up in prison isn’t as crazy as it seems when attempting to escape is this much fun. Cooperation and communication with your teammates is the only way to solve your way out of the solitary cells, and escape the prison.

Standing in your way is the corrupt warden who would love to see you stuck in your cells forever, it will take a lot of coordination to out wit him.

5-12 players
1 hour
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A Popular Mission & a Difficult Challenge

Escape From Bleak Prison is a fan-favourite mission that is a great challenge for both beginners and more experienced escapers. Built to test the communication and coordination of those who play, Escape From Bleak Prison’s puzzles center mostly around teamwork and spatial relations, making it a fantastic mission to play with coworkers, teammates, or for any team-building event. Those who choose to accept the challenge of escaping have a 40% chance of succeeding the mission.


  • Release Date: June 15, 2014
  • Retirement Date: November 3, 2019
  • Types of Puzzles: Spatial Awareness, Teamwork, Communication
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Dev Commentary


This mission took a lot of work from our design team to get just right. Certain walls and lights were strategically placed in order to make the environment part of the puzzles. It was a fun build for us because it had to be ‘bleak’ in its nature. We had to improvise and be creative puzzle designs as too much tech wouldn’t lend well to the theme.

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