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There’s been a string of brutal murders over the past month. You and your fellow detectives travel down to the abandoned Fenton Station in the hopes of catching the killer, but time is of the essence since you only have until midnight before he claims his next victim. The suspense will mount, but keep a level head; quick thinking and teamwork are vital to your success. Can you stop the Crossroads killer?

4-8 players
1 hour
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Test Your Problem Solving Skills

Crossroads is the perfect game for players of all experience levels. Its linear puzzle path makes it an ideal introduction for players who are new to escape rooms, while challenging logic puzzles threaten to stump even escape room experts. Crossroads focuses on teamwork and communication while immersing players in an adrenaline-pumping story. Within the confines of an abandoned subway station, you have one hour to follow the killer’s clues. You’ll need all of your wits to catch up with him and stop him before he claims his next victim.

Accommodates: 4-8 Players (Best with 5-6 Players)


  • Release Date: February 21, 2016
  • Types of Puzzles: Logic, Pattern Recognition, Indexing
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Dev Commentary


When we built Crossroads, it was our first time replacing an existing mission, and that presented some unique challenges and opportunities. We really liked the idea of theming the mission and using a retro aesthetic; we designed it with a strong focus on story and atmosphere. It’s also the first mission to introduce the idea of player agency through a choice mechanic.

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