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There’s been a string of brutal murders at the stroke of midnight over the past month. As detectives, you must follow the killer’s trail down to an abandoned subway station in an attempt to catch him before he kills again. Filled with suspense, Crossroads takes you on a wild adventure where quick thinking and teamwork are vital to your success. Think like a killer and move quickly. Time is of the essence.

4-8 players
1 hour
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Test Your Problem Solving Skills

Crossroads is the first mission we built which focuses on group interactivity. Each puzzle and task was carefully designed to incorporate group thinking and teamwork. Venture into the interactive set pieces, complete with theatrical sound and lighting effects, and do your best to solve the thematic puzzles as time ticks down. You have one hour to find the next victim; you will need all of your wits, strong communication, and teamwork to make sure you get ahead of the killer.

Accommodates: 4-8 Players (Best with 5-6 Players)


  • Release Date: February 21, 2016
  • Types of Puzzles: Logic, Pattern Recognition, Indexing
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Dev Commentary


When we built Crossroads it was our first time replacing an existing mission that presented some unique challenges and opportunities. We really liked the idea of theming the mission and using a retro aesthetic; we designed it with a strong focus on story and atmosphere. It’s also the first mission to introduce the idea of player agency through a choice mechanic.

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