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Travel to Osaka, Japan, to an abandoned home where you’ll be faced with a grizzly scene. In the wake of her murder, the beautiful and young Noriko becomes a spirit of vengeance. Now her family is missing and their home is cursed. It’s up to you to put the spirits of this condemned building to rest. Follow the clues, but avoid the wrath of the poltergeists that wander the halls, and try to find a way to restore peace to Noriko’s restless spirit before it’s too late.



4-8 players
1 hour
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Overcome Your Fears

An entire two-story house stands within the walls of our facility, ready for you to explore. Theatrical lighting and sound effects complete the spine-tingling experience, challenging you and your friends to overcome your fears to venture through the darkness to overcome the curse. With puzzles scattered throughout the house, the divergently designed room is ideal for larger groups since it allows for multiple puzzles to be addressed at the same time. Is it fear that makes the success rate so low, or is it just that much of a challenge? The real question is if you are brave enough to find out?

Mission Accommodates: 4-8 Players


  • Release Date:  November 25, 2014
  • Types of Puzzles: Task-Based Logic, Indexing, Memory, Association
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Dev Commentary


Noriko presented a few challenges; firstly, building a multi-level room. Because the mission is designed for larger groups, it has a unique game flow. It was also a challenge to keep all the puzzles thematic to Japanese culture. The mission is inspired by The Grudge and we really wanted to incorporate haunted house elements into the experience.

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