Mindshaft is not your traditional escape room, but an interactive fantasy adventure! Put your team of heroes to the test and hop on a “hellevator” ride into the pits of hell where you will encounter a series of challenges. Succeed, prove your worthiness, and only then will you come face to face with the demon! Will your team be clever enough cast it away or will you become its next victim?

Please note: this game requires mild physical activity. Flat-soled shoes are strongly recommended. Suggested minimum weight is 80 lbs per player to ensure the ability to participate.



Strategic Gameplay

Mindshaft is not your traditional escape room, but an interactive fantasy-adventure game. This entirely massive interactive mine stands within the walls of our facility, ready for you to explore. Theatrical lighting, sound effects, animatronics, and moving rooms compliment the adrenaline pumping action, challenging you and your friends to work together to venture through the darkness to overcome the curse of the demon. With new and innovative interactive technology, never seen before, the diverse challenges and unique game-play are perfect for Corporate Groups. Will your strategy be enough to slay the demon or will you spot the solution after it’s too late?

Accommodates: 4-7 Players (Best with 4-6 Players)


Release Date:  May, 2018

Types of Puzzles: Physical, Spatial, Strategy, Logic