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The Real Tomb of Nefertari


Required Size: 615 SQFT
Designed For: 4 – 10 Players
Great for: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
Physicality: N/A
Estimated Build Cost: $45,000 USD
Generation Type: 2.0+


Construction: Heavy customization and finishings.
Electronics: In-depth software and mechatronic systems knowledge.
Prop Fabrication: High-end environment/set finishing techniques.

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Be the bad guys! The heroes are on their way, and you have one hour to blow the tomb, steal the treasures, and destroy whatever’s left! Nefertari is an innovative, tech-driven, points-collecting adventure loaded with bonus content, and designed to be the first escape game that delivers a full 59 minutes of play to every team, every time.

  • Game Flow Overview with Textual Walkthrough and Flowchart
  • Build Layouts: Architectural and Artist Renderings
  • Detailed Prop Notes with Suggested Sourcing and Construction
  • Digital Assets Package (Graphics)
  • Intro Scripts: Video Script
  • In-Depth Puzzle Descriptions with Notes on Design Philosophy,
    Implementation, and Adaptation
  • Operational Strategies and Best Practices
  • Micro-Controller Diagrams, Software, and Detailed Wiring Diagrams
  • Parts Lists



Base Price: $2000 USD – Exclusivity offered by major urban population centers. Extra exclusivity available. Inquire for pricing.

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