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Aug 26 2021 | Blogs

After a year of lockdown, we’re thrilled to be open again! And just like how our lives have all changed during this year-long lockdown, Escape Games Canada has made some pretty significant changes of our own. So if you have any questions about what’s new, or what it might mean to book an escape room in this new normal, then keep on reading.


Safety has always been our number one priority at Escape Games Canada, and never has that been truer than it is now. We require everyone to wear masks at all times, we’ve got hand sanitizer ready, our lobby is set up for social distancing, and we’re constantly cleaning to make sure that you can play without worry. Of course, all of these new policies and procedures mean that people can’t really hang out in our lobby anymore, and sadly our photo booth is temporarily closed, but we hope that by being extra cautious now, we’ll be able to return to normal soon.

Game Upgrades

What better time than during lockdown to make all the changes we’ve always wanted to make? We took full advantage of all that time we had to beautify both Crossroads and The Haunting of Noriko. Both missions got a bunch of upgrades and a sleek new coat of paint. Now, if you’ve already played them once, they’re not worth replaying, all the puzzles are still the same. But we see the difference, and we love it!

RIP Unknown

Yes, The Unknown is gone. Retired. No more. Due to the nature of the game, we had couldn’t safely operate The Unknown with the looming threat of the pandemic. And because we had no way of knowing what the world would look like after lockdown, we decided to use our time to rebuild. So for everyone who’s sad that we took The Unknown down, just you wait, Last Resort is coming soon and it won’t disappoint!

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