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Team Building at Escape Games Canada

May 05 2022 | Blogs

Finding an engaging team building activity can be challenging. It’s not easy to find something that will keep your team immersed; on top of that, you want them to interact with one another and test their teamwork. There are so many activities that may keep your team entertained, but don’t provide a challenge. That’s where escape rooms come in! Escape Games Canada are experts in team building and we love playing host! Here are a few compelling reasons to book your next team building event with us.

There’s no “I” in team!

Our escape rooms are built to be solved by groups. They rely on players to communicate and cooperate to complete tasks and solve puzzles. The game may require you to split up to relay information to one another, or cooperate to memorize a sequence; whatever the challenge, you can be sure that it will require a unified team to complete it. There are a variety of “team building” activities in the world outside escape rooms that can provide you with a fun experience, but how much teamwork is really needed for something like axe throwing?

There’s nothing like some healthy competition

Nothing brings a team together like some friendly competition. At Escape Games Canada, not only do we keep real-time statistics for every group that plays, but we’ve been observing players and their interactions with our games for seven years! Want to know how well you did compared to that other group? We can tell you. Despite the difference in skills needed from game to game, we can rate groups against the average performance, allowing your event to have its own personalized scoring system!

We have the space to accommodate you

The biggest advantage to planning your team building event at Escape Games Canada is our size. As one of the world’s largest escape room facilities, boasting more than 10,000 square feet and 7 unique games, we can accommodate larger groups with ease. Our lobby is the perfect backdrop to get hyped before splitting up and tackling various challenges. We can even accommodate space for catering, so your group can unwind and share their epic adventures postgame.

Interested in booking a team building event with us? You can find more information about our packages here.

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