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The Anatomy of our Scoreboard

May 25 2023 | Blogs

There’s nothing more satisfying than a thrilling, immersive escape room – except learning how you did after your game. That’s why we have our state-of-the-art scoreboard front and centre in our lobby, waiting to display the latest statistics of whomever has just played. Having live and up-to-the-minute stats adds to the excitement of the experience; everyone wants a fast time and a strong score! But sometimes the stats can be a little intimidating to read, so here’s a quick breakdown of the anatomy of our scoreboard.

Finding your information

Once you’ve finished your game, you may race back to our lobby to see how you did. But when you look at a screen filled with numbers and stats, it can be tough to determine what applies to your group. Rest assured, our scoreboard is updating in real time. Once your game ends, the scoreboard has your score posted under “last run”. If you played a game that has multiple endings, your ending will be highlighted with green. If you don’t see your stats, don’t panic! The scoreboard flips between scores and statistics, so it may be telling you how you did against other groups by percentile when you first look at it, but it will flip back and give you your final stats in a moment.

You vs. the world

While it’s fantastic to be able to immediately see how you performed in the game, it’s also all too tempting to compare yourself to all those other statistics that you see. Don’t worry if you’re not the fastest or the highest scoring team, all that matters is that you had fun. There are too many factors that affect how a group performs in an escape room for it to be a fair comparison. A group’s experience, their personal skills, and the design of the game all play a role in how they perform in the game. Even the success rates on the scoreboard are a representation of who has played rather than the objective difficulty of the game.

What does it all mean?

At the end of the day, the scoreboard is really just a series of statistics that don’t mean very much without taking a closer look at the players that generated them. It paints a picture of all the games played at our facility for the past couple of months, but it can’t tell us if we’ve had a lot of beginner escapers visit, or a bunch of pros. Overall, the numbers are interesting, especially since you can weigh your own game against the recent best and average statistics. But whether you’re setting records, or fumbling through your first-ever game, our biggest priority is making sure you have a good time!

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