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The Death of Lockboxes

Aug 22 2018 | Blogs

If you play a lot of escape rooms, you’re familiar with lockboxes. You see them everywhere and they signify to the player that it is time to search for information. You know you need to open them, you know that the information is somewhere in the room, and now your job is to find it. But Escape Games Canada doesn’t believe in lockboxes. We think they are passé and that there’s a better way to design games.

Lockboxes often lead to scavenger hunting. The player has to find a key or combination to unlock the box and move onto the next step.  We’re not fans of this type of play, it feels too much like searching for your missing keys at home. Instead, Escape Games Canada wants you to feel immersed.

Imagine an escape room with integrated technology, where the room reacts to your game play. That’s what we build at our facility. We want doors to open automatically, we want puzzles to react to you in real time, and we want every element of the game to feel fully integrated into the setting and the story. We achieve this in our missions by eliminating lockboxes and introducing new and innovative ways for you to interact with your game.

Escape Games Canada believes that every escape room you play should be immersive. We want you to feel like you’re living the adventure and part of the game. We want you to lose yourself in your escape room and escape reality when you come to play. Lockboxes are a thing of the past, and with new technology that integrates seamlessly into the set, our escape rooms will make you believe that you really have stepped into another world.

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