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The Three Best Back-To-School Escape Rooms

Sep 01 2022 | Blogs

It’s that time of year again when students dread heading back to class. After a summer of relaxation, their minds might not feel ready for the onslaught of school. We have the perfect solution: play an escape room! Not only do you have a chance to have some fun, but the puzzles will challenge you and prepare you for the year ahead. Here are our top three picks to help you prepare for the new school year and how they can help get you warmed up.


Set in a cyberpunk dystopia, Pathogen is a heist mission that will test your team’s coordination and cooperation. In this game, you and your team are elite thieves tasked with breaking into a lab. The story is dynamic and requires strong communication and decisive decision-making from your team. It’s the perfect preparation for those inevitable upcoming group projects. The logic puzzles will test your reasoning and get your brain ready for the school year.


For suspense fans, Crossroads puts you hot on the trail of a serial killer. As you try to catch him before he claims another victim, you’ll encounter logic puzzles, indexing puzzles, and puzzles that will test your pattern recognition, all of which will test your reasoning. You’ll also need some patience to complete the tasks in this game. How better to prepare for school than making sure you can keep your cool when faced with a lot of information?

The Ark

As one of our newest games, The Ark is incredibly immersive. You play as scientists sent into the ocean to investigate a mysterious signal. This game has a high concentration of challenging puzzles, many of which require many steps to solve, and will test your comprehension. No other game at Escape Games Canada challenges you to draw connections the way The Ark does, making it a perfect challenge to help wake up your brain after a long and sleepy summer.


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