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What Is The Biggest Mistake People Make In Escape Rooms? We Asked Our Game Masters.

Jul 15 2023 | Blogs

In our never-ending quest to give you the best possible escape room advice, we decided to poll our team of experienced game masters to find out what the biggest mistake people make in an escape room is, and were surprised to learn they all share the same opinion. According to our esteemed game masters, the biggest mistake that people make in escape rooms is not asking for help. Now, that might not sound like such a big deal, but we can make a compelling argument as to why hints and game masters are an escape room player’s greatest assets.

We give you hints for a reason

The brilliant design team at Escape Games Canada may have conceived of different hint systems for each game, but those systems are consistent in that they give you free hints for any and every puzzle. At Escape Games Canada you can’t fail your game by using too many hints, so why not take that little bit of extra help? Using a hint can make the difference between whether or not you win or lose your game. We’re not suggesting that you should use every hint – unless you need to – or that you should rely on the hints; we’re saying that if you’ve been working on a puzzle for a long time and it’s getting frustrating, then why not get a bit of extra help? You’re not making a mistake in an escape room in your using the hints that are given to you.

When to admit you need help

Some people choose not to use hints or help from a sense of pride, but that tiny push can make a big difference in your game. Hints can help a group that’s overthinking, misinterpreting information, or just plain confused. They can redirect a group back to what they need to focus on, or illuminate information that the group hadn’t considered. The trick is that it can be hard to know when you’re stuck, especially when you’re experiencing the thrill of the game. Here’s the secret: keep an eye on the clock! Even the toughest puzzle shouldn’t take you any more than 10 minutes to solve. If you can’t figure out how to get to the solution in 10 minutes, then it’s time for a hint.

Game masters are your friends

Beyond in-game hints, your game master can offer you a ton of help. It is our job to know everything about these games, after all. Sometimes, the hint systems don’t give you the information you need, or the information in the game just doesn’t add up; that’s when it’s time to call a game master. Too many players worry about calling a game master to help them, but you shouldn’t! We’re literally here to make sure you have the best possible game. We want you to have fun! That means we don’t want to see you get stuck on one puzzle for most of your game. Checking in with a game master can help you get your game back on track quickly, so don’t hesitate to call!

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