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You Don’t Have to Scavenger Hunt

Apr 11 2023 | Blogs

At Escape Games Canada, we pride ourselves not only on the quality of our escape rooms, but the uniqueness of the experience. We want you to feel so immersed in the story of your game while you play that you forget about the reality waiting for you outside. We have a few tricks for making sure our games blur the lines between fantasy and reality, like building puzzles that fit the theme and context of the game, but there’s one rule we always adhere to when creating your experience: You don’t have to scavenger hunt to solve your game.

Thematically inconsistent

When you’re trying to lose yourself in a story, there’s nothing more annoying than having your immersion broken. Hunting for clues rarely fits the theme of a game; at best, it’s justified in the game’s story, if the story is literally about scavenging for evidence. There’s no reason to include scavenger hunting as a game play mechanism if it’s going to spoil the mystique and intricacy of our games. We put a lot of love into our sets, we even have a game that allows you to explore a full two-storey haunted house! We want to make sure that when you pass through those doors that you’re distracted and that you forget about reality, so we make sure that you don’t have to scavenger hunt.

Not a puzzle

If you think about it, looking for something isn’t really the same as solving a puzzle. How often do you misplace your keys or wallet? The experience of tracking down your personal belongings isn’t that different from having to scavenger hunt when you play an escape room. At Escape Games Canada, we develop the kind of puzzles we would want to solve when we play. We love a good challenge, that tests your puzzle-solving skills, and not how good your correctional lenses are. Ultimately, scavenger hunting isn’t much of a challenge at all.

Not a challenge

Logic, pattern recognition, itemizing, and communication–these are all skills that we want you to exercise when you play one of our escape rooms. But scavenger hunting doesn’t utilize a single one of these valuable skills. The fun of an escape room is overcoming the challenge of solving it within an hour, but if you’re scavenger hunting, is there really a challenge? It’s our goal to keep you engaged, immersed in the theme, and challenged. Scavenger hunting breaks immersion and isn’t even really a puzzle, so we made sure you won’t have to scavenger hunt to solve any of the escape rooms at Escape Games Canada.


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