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Your Escape Room Zodiac – Part 1

Jan 12 2023 | Blogs

If your zodiac sign can reveal the truths of your personality, then it can also tell you what kind of escape room player you are. Don’t believe us? Check out our breakdown of the first six zodiac symbols below, and keep an eye out for part 2 of our escape room zodiac!

Aries (The Ram) – March 21 to April 19

If you’re an Aries, you’re probably competitive and hot tempered. Those aren’t necessarily bad traits since they give you a ton of motivation. Your need to win makes you the engine that drives your escape team. Without you, the team wouldn’t have the same momentum to rush headlong towards success.

Taurus (The Bull) – April 20 to May 20

In an escape room, you can trust Taurus. They are intelligent and dependable and will help get the job done. Since they are determined to get their way, you can be sure that they’ll enter the game focused on victory–that is, until they’re faced with something that threatens their comfort. As the most inherently hedonistic sign in the zodiac, a Taurus may stubbornly stop cooperating if something rubs them the wrong way.

Gemini (The Twins) – May 21 to June 20

Geminis are the glue holding your escape team together. They’re charming, funny, and charismatic. They’ll bridge the gap between the most opposite personalities and keep everyone’s spirits up. Geminis like to know a little bit about everything, a handy trait when playing an escape room.

Cancer (The Crab) – June 21 to July 22

If you have a Cancer on your escape room team, you have a true friend who knows how to get things done. Since this sign cares for their friends and family immensely, they will want to support the team however they can. But people born under the sign of Cancer can be sensitive, and while they may forgive, they won’t forget, so be careful before starting any arguments.

Leo (The Lion) – July 23 to August 22

Leo is a big personality; they want to be the center of attention and they’ll make sure that they are. Chances are that any Leos playing an escape room with you will naturally take on the leadership role that they’re so well suited for. Let them lead; since Leos love to keep busy, they’ll work overtime to make sure your team comes out with a win.

Virgo (The Virgin) – August 23 to September 22

Is there any greater resource when playing an escape room than a quick-thinking Virgo? This sign is detail oriented and methodical so you know that they’ll leave no stone unturned in your escape room.  As strong advisors, Virgos will help keep your team on track. Their organizational skills and level-headed nature make them someone you can count on.




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