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Your Perfect Escape Room Based on Your Favourite Movie

May 12 2022 | Blogs

It can be tough to choose which escape room to play. People often ask us which games are most popular, but popularity doesn’t make a game suited to you. We think the best way to choose a game is by picking something that appeals to you, the same way you would choose a movie to go see. So, we put together a little guide; here’s which escape room you should book based on your favourite movie.

Fantasy adventures like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter

Fans of fantasy adventure movies will love Mindshaft where they’ll be able to step into the shoes of their favourite fantasy hero as they attempt to vanquish the game’s intimidating final boss, a menacing demon.

Action movies like Taken or The Bourne Identity

If you love action movies where the skilled protagonist has the odds stacked against them, then Crossroads is for you. Using all the resources at your disposal, can you play the killer’s sadistic game and capture him before time runs out for his next victim?

Supernatural horrors like The Grudge or Paranormal Activity

The Haunting of Noriko is an escape room set in a Japanese-style haunted house. Fans of supernatural horror will love the ghostly atmosphere and intense jump scares.

Slasher films like Scream, Friday the 13th, or Halloween

Horror fans who love slashers can try their hand at surviving in Last Resort. Anyone brave enough to explore this remote, secluded motel is sure to have a screaming good time!

Heist movies like Mission Impossible or Ocean’s Eleven

If you’ve ever wanted to coordinate the ultimate heist, then Pathogen is the game for you. Fans of these movies can live their dreams of leading an elite team on an impossible mission.

Classics and film noir like The Maltese Falcon or Casablanca

Fans of film noir will vibe with Missing Will. It has all the aesthetics, drama, and mystery of their favourite movies, with some supernatural elements thrown in for good measure.

Dystopian movies like The Matrix or Total Recall

If you like science fiction set in dystopian environments, you should play The Ark. This adventure game will bring players to a mysterious, lost, dystopian society and challenge them to escape or succumb to the whims of its dictator.

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