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Building Friendships Through Escape Rooms

Feb 29 2016 | Blogs


Developing Strong Bonds With Your Team

In a world where everyone spends every waking moment on their cell phones, building friendships is a real challenge. Here at Escape Games Canada, we have a solution: play escape rooms! Escaping is a sure fire way to build bonds and bring you closer to the members of your team. This may sound suspicious coming from an escape room facility, but it’s true; read on to find out why.

The Benefits in Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are all about puzzle solving. That means that as a group, you are going to engage in creative thinking and problem-solving. Working together, and stimulating your imaginations, guarantees that everybody in your group will start communicating. Maybe you already have a chatty group, but escaping still has benefits. In an escape room, successful teams streamline idle chatter into efficient communication. Learning to work together will strengthen those ever important bonds of friendship, and help you learn how to communicate with your friends in new and more effective ways.

Exciting Escape Games

The best part of the escape room experience is the social period afterwards. Most escapers elect to go out for drinks and or dinner afterwards, transforming what could be a one hour game into an event or evening out. Excitement usually boils over and friends relive key moments of their game, talk about their favourite parts, and plan strategies for future escapes. There are always lots of laughs and the event is usually the birth of a couple of inside jokes. These are the teams that develop the strongest bond and continue to plan escapes together. That’s right, the group that escapes together usually stays together. Time and time again, groups return together since they have already established a good groove of cooperation and communication with one another.

Your Team Will Eventually Build Up

So whether you’ve known someone for years, or are casual acquaintances, playing an escape room is guaranteed to bring you closer together. Creative problem solving, communication, not to mention the thrill of adrenaline as you race the clock are all sure to help cement a meaningful friendship between you and your fellow escapers.

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