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Benefits of Escape Games in Corporate Team Building

Feb 29 2016 | Blogs


Help Your Business Grow

Escape Games Canada may have been built as an entertainment facility meant to cater to weekend adventurers looking for a way to pass the time, but we have in fact developed something that is beneficial to your business. The idea that playing games can benefit you professionally may seem strange, but in fact, escape rooms are an exceptional team-building tool that foster communication and build new thought processes.

Encourage Outside The Box Thinking and Creative Problem Solving

The workplace can be repetitive; mundane tasks such as checking e-mails re-occur day after day. Pulling coworkers out of the tedium of day to day, and placing them in a surreal situation automatically stimulates corporate teamwork and communication. Escape games demand the use of critical thinking and problem-solving which is sure to mix up your team’s everyday routine. Working together will also enable your team to break down social barriers and will provide stronger communication and cooperation when you return to the office. Beyond that, the challenges will encourage outside the box thinking and creative problem solving.

Get To Know Your Co-Workers Better

We have noticed that when teams of coworkers are placed in an escape room, power dynamics quickly become evident. Leaders emerge and it is obvious who is a team player and who has too much ego to follow directions. This atmosphere allows a unique opportunity for teams to learn to communicate with, and rely on one another. Developing trust is the key to a healthy work environment and will enhance productivity. On top of that, the team that plays together stays together. In a work environment where the computer reigns, human interaction is growing increasingly scarce. The interaction provided by escape rooms will strengthen bonds and you will see the benefits when you get back to the office.

Improve Your Teams Efficiency

So next time you are hosting your team and need a fun outing, consider escape rooms. An adventure outside of the reality of your office might just be what your team needs to improve their creative thinking and communication. You just might go back to work and find a more cooperative and highly efficient team. We can guarantee a work trip to Escape Games Canada will be the talk of the water cooler for months to come.

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