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Escape Rooms Are Not Escape Games!

Mar 16 2016 | Blogs

Yes, you read the title correctly. Escape rooms are passé, they are old news. You may be asking, “but aren’t you an escape room facility? why would you say that?” The answer is simple, we are not an ‘escape room’ facility. We do not build single rooms here, we build escape games!

That might seem to be a cheap trick of words, just a small semantic difference, but let us explain ourselves. We are in a competitive business, we are always looking for a new way to innovate and we have discovered that as much as people love escaping rooms, they love escaping reality more. What does that mean for escape rooms? It means that we have to build something bigger and better than rooms, we build fully interactive movie sets and we embed our puzzles within the set and theme of the game to make sure it is as immersive as possible.

Our ultimate goal is not to build a ‘room’, we want to build an experience! We want you to enter another reality where the only thing that matters is the mission. We want you to be transported to a Japan, or to a futuristic cyberpunk-style museum and we want you to believe that you are there. It’s tough to sell an immersive atmosphere when you are confined to a single room to create an entire experience. So we don’t confine ourselves; we build movie sets where you can explore and play. We use theatrical lighting and sound effects to enhance the environment in each of our missions, all of this obviously makes our games so much more dynamic than a single room.

We feel justified in calling ourselves “Escape Games Canada”, since what we build is so much more than rooms. We feel like calling our games escape rooms is a disservice. Anyone can lock you in a room, we want to set you on a path through a Mayan temple to appease the curse of an ancient god. Where else in the world is that an option? Certainly not in any escape room facility, that’s why we are and will always build escape games!

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