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You and your friends are heading on a short vacation when your car breaks down, fortunately, there’s an old motel nearby. Nestled in the natural surroundings down the highway from an old mining town, the motel is remote but there’s nowhere else to go. When you arrive there’s just one problem: there’s no one there to check you in, and the door has locked behind you. Can you keep your wits about you and escape within the hour, or will this be the last resort you ever visit?

4-8 players
1 hour

How brave are you ?

Last Resort will test your courage and resolve as you navigate the mysterious motel. You and your friends will have to face your fears and find a way to communicate effectively if you want to escape. What’s lurking around the corner? What will you find in the next room? You’ll have to explore to find out, if you dare! This game is strongly recommended for mature players. Those with a fear of the dark may be uncomfortable in this game. Last Resort is an experience-based game where players race the clock. It features a built-in hint system that allows you to get support as needed.

Accommodates: 4-8 Players (Best with 4-6 Players)


  • Release Date: October 8th, 2021
  • Types of Puzzles: Task-Based Logic, Indexing , Teamwork , Attention to detail
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Dev Commentary


The Last Resort was one of the most fun design projects we've worked on. Having a ton of space allowed us to design a game that offered a more immersive experience than most escape rooms. Use of lighting and sound in such a large space really created that eerie atmosphere we couldn't possible create with less than 1200 sqft. One thing we have learned is that we need to factor fear into the difficulty of the game. We feel like we've struck the perfect balance with Last Resort.

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