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The future looks bleak. In a cyberpunk dystopia where corporations are king, you and your elite team have a mission: break into Talon headquarters and travel to the 300th floor to steal the deadly pathogen housed there. Be careful, the lab is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system that if tripped too frequently, will alert Talon to your presence. Keep your threat level low and your wits about you and you just might complete your mission. The fate of humanity depends on you, but be cautious, your actions have consequences!

4-8 players
1 hour
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You’ll need ingenuity, stealth, and solid communication if you want to be successful. Pathogen is a task-based mission that will challenge your team dynamic. Designed with a built-in hint system that is meant to be used strategically, Pathogen is our first mission to offer you as much assistance as you need, but at a cost. The innovative new threat system means options must be weighed carefully to maximize score. Every decision made will be met with consequences. With seven potential endings, players will feel the pressure of their moral decisions. Be warned, Pathogen has a physical element and will require at least 1 player to crawl.


  • Release Date: March 22, 2019
  • Types of Puzzles: Logic, Process, Decision Based, Pattern Recognition, Lateral Thinking, Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen
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Dev Commentary


Pathogen is the first escape room to be powered by a video game engine. To build it we focussed heavily on the mission’s software and utilized state-of-the art technology that is not available to the public or in other escape rooms. This is our first mission to feature adaptive gameplay where players' choices can affect the outcome.

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