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Why Watch Movies, When You Can Play Them?

Feb 05 2018 | Blogs

Movies can be thrilling adventures and a great way to spend time with friends or coworkers. The shared experience of watching an action or horror movie gives you something to talk about and bond over. But what about being in the movie instead of just passively watching it? Wouldn’t it be amazing to play the role of the detective? Or try being thieves and live out scenarios that you could never be part of in real life? Escape rooms offer you that ability!

When you choose an escape room to play, you are choosing an experience. The theme and story of that game will be your reality while the clock ticks down. That’s why what we recommend is choosing the game that has a theme that excites you. There are many ways to make the choice: you could look at the difficulty of the game or pick one that has a lot of hype–but since it’s your adventure, it’s better to pick the one that seems the most interesting. If you love watching CSI, then try playing an escape room with a murder mystery theme. Are you into horror movies? Than try a horror-themed game!

Consider it: an escape room that has an exciting theme and let’s you immerse yourself in the action. Instead of sitting back and absorbing the story vicariously, you live it and your actions get to shape it. Choosing the path your story takes gives you a thrilling sense of accomplishment, even if you don’t manage to escape. You get to be the hero, you get to test your intelligence, you get to make the final choices that dictate how your game unfolds and whether you make it out—or whether the timer closes the curtain on your mission.

Like a movie, an escape room has real drama and consequences. The timer ticking down fuels players’ adrenaline. Once the adrenaline kicks in, you feel pressure and urgency; you are driven to escape. Faced with the scenario of breaking out of prison, catching a killer, or burgling a museum; any situation feels real and credible when you’re right there in the thick of the action. Adrenaline lets you immerse yourself and suspend disbelief. When you choose an intriguing theme and get to live through the story instead of watching it pass you by, you get a chance to be a part of something extraordinary and to step out of the mundane world and into one filled with excitement and possibilities.

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