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How To Survive a Horror-Themed Escape Room

Oct 29 2019 | Blogs

Escape Games Canada loves to build scary missions, and sometimes it can be tricky figuring out how to survive a horror-themed escape room. It’s especially tough when your friends book one and then don’t tell you what you’re getting into. When we say “survive” we mean, psychologically, emotionally, and/or physically; different people can be affected in different ways. Some people have a really tough time with darkness and some people can’t handle gore, everyone is unique. In case you’re scared, we want to give you guys some tips and tricks to survive your next horror-themed escape room.

Strength in Numbers

What might seem terrifying with only four people can suddenly seem bearable with a group of seven or eight. Larger groups mean that you’re less likely to end up alone. Plus, if your friends are loud, those creepy sounds will seem less intimidated. As an added bonus, larger groups usually have at least one brave soul who’s willing to lead the way. So, to help minimize the intensity of a scary, horror-themed escape room, try to bring a couple of extra friends along.

You Can Leave at Any Time

It’s important to remember that safety is our highest priority, for that reason the doors that you enter through are NEVER locked. You are welcome to leave your game at any time for any reason. You will always have access to minimum one emergency exit. Some of our missions have multiple exits. You can leave because you need to use the washroom, if there’s an emergency, or even if you’re feeling scared. There is no shame in coming back to the lobby to take a break and catch your breath. For most people, just knowing they have a way out just in case gives them enough courage to play. Or at least, it gives most people enough courage to try out a game that scares them.

Seen it Once, Seen it a Million Times

Scares are always less scary the second time. The second time around you’re expecting it, you know what it will look or sound like, and you can prepare yourself. Knowing what’s around the corner makes it easier to survive a horror-themed escape room. The trick is to keep your cool the first time you get scared! How can you do that? Take a friend and go explore. Once you’ve had the surprise, you can take a little time to recover and know that it won’t be as intense when it repeats. You may even be able to, at some point, face it alone.

Nothing Will Touch You

No one, nothing will ever touch you inside an escape room at Escape Games Canada. However, we can’t promise your friends and the people you’re with won’t try to spook you. With all of that said, we don’t have anyone popping up to grab you. The purpose of an escape room is to solve puzzles and you need to keep your wits about you enough to manage that. Yes, we do have games that are meant to be scary, but not the way a haunted attraction would be. That’s an entirely different type of experience. If even knowing this, you’re still nervous, you can always close your eyes and ask your friends to guide you. You wouldn’t be the first.

As you can see, there are few things you can do survive a horror-themed escape room. It’s our job to create the best possible experience for you, every time you visit, and that often means building an immersive and believable environment. The intensity of our games can be too much for some people but that’s okay! Our team never judge anyone for deciding that they’ve had enough, in fact, a few of us can even relate! Remember, if these tips don’t help you cope and you still find that you’re scared, you are always welcome to hang out in the lobby. You might even find a staff member or two who can sympathize!

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