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The Benefits of a 60 Minute Escape Room

Feb 01 2017 | Blogs

Escape Games Canada believes your escape room experience should be 60 minutes long, in fact, we are adamant about it. All of our missions take place over the course of a one hour period because we feel it’s the best way to give you a good escape room experience. Of course, we have a strong opinion about the benefits of 60-minute escape rooms; there’s a reason behind our madness and we are happy to explain it. Not sure why the length of your escape room matters? Well read on and we’ll tell you why every game at Escape Games Canada is 60 minutes long.

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Your internal clock knows when an hour has passed. Trust it.


60 Minutes Feels Natural

You measure your life in hour long intervals, it’s a measurement of time that feels natural and relatable. Hours are a natural way to segment time and your internal clock is instinctively tuned to measure time in hour-long intervals, so why wouldn’t you organise your game time into hour-long blocks as well? It’s perfectly intuitive. Playing for an escape room for an hour allows you to rely on your internal clock to keep track of time as well as letting you play for what feels like a natural amount of time. Those 45-minute games feel too short and often don’t allow you the time you need to explore the game the way you would like to.

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When you have an hour to play, there’s less chance of you fighting the clock to get everything solved.


Get the Full Escape Room Experience

There are a lot of escape facilities that schedule their games for 45 minutes, but we don’t feel that’s long enough to immerse your brain into the game. It may only be a difference of 15 minutes, but that time could be the difference between getting into the mind frame of the game and spinning your wheels. Time flies when you’re escaping and it can take a while to get into the swing of things, especially for someone who is new to escaping; using those extra few minutes to orient yourself to the game and get into the groove could be the difference between escaping or not.

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Immerse yourself in the game, not the time.


Live Your Escape Room

Our final reason for making our games an hour-long is that it gives opportunities to further the game’s immersion. Having an hour allows our build team to incorporate a more detailed narrative in the story, or add extra elements that we wouldn’t otherwise have time for. Filling in story details means that you get to enjoy a more involved game. In an hour, we can tell a complete story filled with twists and surprises that make the game more satisfying to play.

So, you can see that we have motives for giving you more time in our games. We are focused on making sure you have the best possible experience, and having a full hour in each mission is one of the ways we guarantee that.  We want to make sure that you have time to get lost in the story of the game and that your brain has time to wrap itself around the puzzles.

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