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Top 3 Escape Rooms to Play with Your Family

Aug 27 2023 | Blogs

Escape games are a great way to bond as a family, but many families struggle with a generational divide. Since escape rooms are a lot like real-life video games, playing them with multiple generations of your family can be a real challenge. Not only do you have to contend with different perspectives and skill sets, but you need to cooperate and communicate with them as well. Regardless of the difficulties this may pose, we still think escape rooms are a fantastic way to spend time bonding with those you hold near and dear. So, here are our top three picks for escape rooms to play with your family.

  1. Crossroads

There are a lot of gameplay elements that make Crossroads a fantastic game for beginners and experienced escapers alike. If you need an accessible game to play with multiple generations, Crossroads is a fantastic starting point. The puzzles begin in a very linear path, which allows the team to work together and ease into the game. As the puzzles diverge, they become more difficult, but by that point in the game everyone should have a good sense of how to progress. Be warned, if you are choosing to play Crossroads with family you should know that the game does feature some graphic violence and coarse language, so make sure that’s okay with everyone before booking.

  1. The Ark

The Ark is a traditional escape room with incredible cinematic elements that make it fun to play for everyone. The beautiful set design is sure to impress the entire group, even that one family member who’s not quite keen on coming to play. Be ready for a challenge, The Ark’s puzzles are complex and require multiple steps to solve, which makes it a tougher game. But don’t let that deter you from bringing multiple generations to tackle puzzles that require skills like pattern recognition, common knowledge, and indexing. There’s enough variety in this game to get everyone in the family involved.

  1. The Missing Will

Our top pick for an escape room that can be played with multiple generations has to go to The Missing Will. Set in an old manor house, this mystery is sure to challenge every member of your family. Because it has two sets of puzzles — main story puzzles and optional puzzles — there is always something to do, and its set design and interactive elements will make you feel as though you’re a part of the story. The mystery of the Missing Will is enticing and its puzzles are accessible and fun. The game requires cooperation and communication and is guaranteed to have a fun task for every party member at any given time.


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