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Why You Should Book Your Next Corporate Event With Us

Aug 18 2016 | Blogs

With more than 30 escape facilities in Toronto, it can be difficult to know which one to select for your corporate event. Many have claims to fame, and offer games with intriguing themes, but we would like to suggest that we have some unique features to offer that those others do not. Read on to learn what sets us apart and why we are a great venue for your next event.

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Detail of the decoration in our Mayan Curse mission.


Sometimes Bigger Is Better!

Escape Games Canada is huge! We would like to stay humble, but the size is quantifiable and speaks for itself. Our facility is approximately 10,000 square feet and currently holds six different missions with more on the way. This not only gives you space but options for how you play. Our corporate event packages automatically make all of our missions (except The Unknown, which is available at a premium) available to you. That means that you can divide your team the way you see fit. Feel like challenging them a bit more? Break the party into small groups to up the difficulty. Have a large group who want to play all at once? No problem, our Haunting Of Noriko mission can comfortably hold up to twelve players at a time. Now, some people may be concerned by the idea of twelve players together in an escape game, but there is no need to worry; the Haunting Of Noriko was designed as a game for large groups. It’s two-storey format and divergent gameplay makes it an exercise in trust and communication, just the skills that can benefit your team.

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Our lobby can comfortably seat up to 50 people.


Quality And Quantity

Size isn’t everything, and while we may have the ability to host groups of up to 50 players, we also believe in providing every player with an incredible and unique experience. By retaining a talented design team who design and build all of our missions from scratch, we are able to ensure that every game is original and built to our exalted standards. We employ game theory to ensure that every mission is logical and engaging and work exclusively with professional prop makers to realise our vision and make sure that when you play one of our missions, you are immersed in an alternate reality. With a team of dedicated mission experts who are all passionate about escape games themselves, we understand how to make sure you have the best possible experience. We can score your groups, we make sure that you never feel stuck or overwhelmed in our games. We provide you with the information you need before your game so you feel comfortable and ready to take on whatever challenges we throw at you. Still not sold? We invite you to come by and take a look at our facility for yourself.

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Close up detail of the decor in Syndicate: The Relic Heist.


You Get What You Pay For

On top of having a massive space to entertain you, Escape Games Canada believes in reinvesting to produce bigger and better experiences for our customers. We do all of our own research and development and build every piece of technology from the bottom up. This allows us to safely create some truly unique experiences. Where else can you break into a cyber-punk museum to steal a mysterious relic and explore an ancient temple under the same roof? Our games are unique and created from the ground up by our very own talented build-team who work tirelessly to design every puzzle from scratch to ensure that each game is entirely original and cannot be found anywhere else. The best part is, we offer competitive pricing for our packages, so you can rest assured that you are getting an amazing event at a great value.  We invite anyone who is considering booking an event, to pay our facility a visit. We are proud of our facility and happy to offer tours to give you a better idea of what we have to offer. We have no doubt that you will see the benefits of hosting your next corporate event with us!

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