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The Unknown: What You Can Know

Jun 09 2016 | Blogs

The Unknown, it is Escape Games Canada’s greatest mystery and we are dedicated to keeping it that way.  So when you arrive and ask us what information we can share, we are very good at keeping quiet. Our team is riddled with questions about The Unknown every day; people want to know why it’s our only 18+ game, if it’s scary if it’s explicit, and why we protect it so fiercely. We have heard every question, and seen every trick to extract information from us, but we are good at our jobs, and our job is to make sure you learn about The Unknown by playing it!  Since The Unknown is an enigma to anyone who has not yet bought a ticket, we thought we would preemptively answer a few of the questions we are always asked. Here is the definitive guide to The Unknown that you have been waiting for:


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Since we don’t tell you anything about The Unknown, here’s an otter.


What is The Unknown?

The Unknown is a mission in our facility. We’re not being sarcastic (for once), that’s what it is. It is a fully realized, independent mission that is located at the back of the building. Like Haunting Of Noriko or Crossroads, it has a dedicated space, theme, and difficulty. Some people ask us if it changes, we can tell you that it does not, it is always the same game. When playing The Unknown, you do get a full hour to complete the game, and we recommend taking the whole hour to enjoy the experience. Before you accuse us of trying to trick you, we promise that we’re not. The Unknown is a cool escape game, we worked really hard to make it as amazing as possible so you should maximize the time you have in there when you play.


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And here’s a penguin. Look at his majesty!



What is the record for The Unknown?

We don’t tell you how quickly people complete The Unknown, or even if they are able to complete it. We will not tell you the success rate or the average time, all information about the mission is completely unknown (see what we did there? Of course you did, we’re not subtle) until you set foot inside. With that being said, The Unknown is not a mission to be competitive in. You don’t see statistics, so don’t worry about competing with them. That means you shouldn’t worry about being super fast, or how many hints you use (yes, you can get hints in The Unknown, but not the way you think), you should just go with the flow and enjoy yourself.


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And a cute, furry, wolverine.


How will I know if I’m ready to play The Unknown?

The toughest thing about The Unknown is making sure it’s the right experience for you. The best time to take it on is after playing a couple of our other missions to make sure that you have a good idea of how our minds work and how we design our puzzles. To be honest, we think that you should save The Unknown to play last; it’s a super cool experience and after you play The Unknown, no other escape game is quite the same. Curious? We can’t say we blame you, but still, if you can resist saving it to the end, you should. If you’re feeling ready to take it on, you need to make sure that your group passes our physical requirements which we will happily discuss with you if you call the facility. We know how ominous this sounds, but we are concerned with your safety and that of your friends, so be patient and understanding with us while we triple check to make sure your group is in good condition to play.

In a mission that customers have said is their favorite, and “the most elaborate and well thought-out room they’ve ever been to”, we know it’s super tempting to dive right in, but consider what we’ve said about our most popular mission before you make your booking. That’s about all we can tell you about The Unknown, if you have any questions that we haven’t covered here (and we’re sure you do), give the facility a call!

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