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Which Escape Games Mission Should You Book?

Feb 05 2019 | Blogs

Aaaaaaand we’re back with a quiz that’s even better than the last! Ever wonder just which Escape Games mission you should book? Which one will be the best suited for you and your group? Well, we’re of the opinion that you should book whatever sounds the most fun, but if you’re having a tough time deciding, we can help! The team at Escape Games Canada is committed to making sure your visit is amazing. We want to ensure that you have the most fun possible when you visit and that starts by making sure you book the mission that’s best for you. Take this quiz to find out which mission you should play at Escape Games Canada.

Your Questions

1. It’s Friday night and you’re ready to crash in front of the couch with a good movie. What are you in the mood for?

A. Shawshank Redemption

B. Scream

C. Tron

D. Se7en

2. How many escape Games have you played before?

A. This is one of my first!

B. I am what some might call a pro escaper

C. A decent amount of games

D. I’ve played two or three

3. What’s most important to you when booking an escape game?

A. Puzzles

B. Thrill

C. Production value

D. Aesthetics

4. You and your friend are stuck in a murderer’s basement and you need to escape. Who are you stuck with?

A. A friend who communicates well. Communication is important; you know you need two heads to solve this, and they will help you every step of the way.

B. A brave friend. You’re scared senseless but they keep you grounded so you can keep your wits about you while you try to escape.

C. A quick-witted friend. They put two and two together swiftly which is a huge help when you’re facing a challenge. Their fast thinking pushes you to think faster yourself.

D. Someone who knows the murderer. Let’s face it, being friends with the enemy is a clever plan and probably a good way out of the mess you’re in.

5. Lastly, are you tough?

A. Tough like warm butter, you melt under the slightest pressure.

B. Tough as nails, it’s cliché but true.

C. Tough like plywood, you won’t break right away, but be gentle…

D. Tough as leather, you weather almost anything.


Your Results

Mostly A’s:

Escape from Bleak Prison: You’re a team player and a fantastic communicator! You value the people around you above all else. A classic and straightforward escape game where you can focus on breaking out suits you best.

Mostly B’s:

The Haunting of Noriko: It’s one thing to be brave enough to face a scary escape game, it’s another thing entirely to keep your wits about you while you play but you have it all under control. You would have a great time in a horror-themed game where the atmosphere is as challenging as the puzzles.

Mostly C’s:

Mindshaft: You are a mover and a shaker and you’re looking for the next big thing. Traditional escape games aren’t your jam but you’re always ready for a new experience and Mindshaft is just the thing to challenge you. With a high level of interactivity and an immersive story, Mindshaft is an experience you won’t forget.

Mostly D’s:

Crossroads: You’re seldom phased and ready for a challenge. A creepy and suspenseful theme suits you well. Crossroads, with it’s elaborate sets and atmospheric tension will challenge both your wit and your nerve.



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