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What Kind Of Escape Room Player Are You?

There are all kinds of ways to approach solving an escape game. By their very nature, escape games require a number of different skills but everybody has their own unique way to tackle the puzzles they find. So the question is, what kind of escape room player are you?

The Scavenger

If you find your self-reaching around door frames and checking under chairs, you may be the Scavenger in your group. It’s a good skill to have since you are likely to be the first person to discover clues and hints. Your eagerness to investigate your surroundings means that when someone on your team mentions that they need something, you know just where it is. You are probably the first person to discover each puzzle, and that means you also get to take the first shot at solving it. Keep on hunting, cunning Scavenger, even where a facility might not hide information. Your keenness to take in your surroundings can only work to your team’s benefit.

Someone needs to check for clues. Is that your job?

The Organizer

Every team is better for having an Organizer in their game. They play the pivotal role of sorting and prioritizing information. It can be difficult to distinguish if you fall into the Organizer category, but there is a tell-tale sign. If you are apt to lay out information for your group to get a better look at, or if you are the type of person to assign people things to remember, then you are likely the Organizer in your party. This skill is useful since Organizers usually have an innate understanding of how to prioritize and tackle complex problems which is an undeniably useful talent when playing an escape game.

Sorting info is a big, but important job.

The Leader

It’s fairly easy to tell if you are the leader of your team; do you give directions to your teammates? Do you keep an eye on your team as they play? Are you the first to charge in? Did you make the booking? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are likely the Leader of your escape group. The Leader is an important role since it gives direction to the team. By dividing up tasks, keeping track of the team members, and setting the group’s priorities, the Leader is in charge of guiding everyone to victory. Anyone who’s ever tried to coordinate their group knows just how thankless the role of Leader is, but it’s also incredibly important.

Leading the charge is thankless, but someone has to do it.

The Peacekeeper

Not every escape team has a Peacekeeper, but every team needs one. We hope to never see the Peacekeeper in action, but when their skills are needed, they are the literal difference between success and failure. You might be the Peacekeeper if you tend to keep to yourself and play along at your own pace until your friends start to fight. The key attribute of the Peacekeeper is that they neutralize any animosity within their escape group. When voices are raised, or when friends disagree, the Peacekeeper steps in. They have been known to interject and place themselves in hostile situations to ensure their team remains calm and cohesive.

Someone needs to be the voice of reason. Is that your role?

The bottom line is, whatever kind of escape room player you are, chances are your contribution is important. Every player plays a crucial role in the success of their team.


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