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Learn and Play with The Soft Skills Group and Escape Games Canada

Dec 29 2016 | Blogs

The team at Escape Games Canada has always believed that escape rooms foster team work and build communication. Now, in partnership with The Soft Skills Group, we are proud to announce a new addition to our corporate offerings. The opportunity to partake in a day of corporate training customized to the needs of your business and team, followed by a chance to put your newly learned skills to practice in one of our immersive escape rooms. We are setting out to prove once and for all that learning can be a fun and engaging experience.

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Our Expertise:

The Soft Skills Group offer dynamic and interactive workshops to teach intra- and inter-personal skills to clients across all positions in all industries. Their group of experienced educators are prepared to offer workshops on every topic from assertiveness and confidence to professional writing and speaking. By customizing their teachings and applying their unique method, The Soft Skills Group can speak directly to the specific needs of every individual within every organization. Partner their expertise with that of Escape Games Canada, a leader in innovative escape game design and you have a one-of-a-kind team building experience. Escape Games Canada builds games with the intention to challenge participants; with a pioneering build team and a firm belief in the applications of game theory, Escape Games Canada strives to build creative and cinematic experiences that test player’s ability to co-operate and communicate. Escape Games Canada focus on challenging players offers the perfect complement to The Soft Skills Group’s teachings.


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What We Have to Offer:

This partnership between The Soft Skills Group and Escape Games Canada allows your team to cut loose and enjoy a game where your newly developed skills will be put to the test. Imagine the benefits of a private, customized workshop followed by the ability to put your newly developed skills to the test in an exciting and dynamic scenario and receive feedback from your performance. The Soft Skills Group work with the experienced game masters at Escape Games Canada to review and provide valuable insight about your escape experience turning your playtime into a learning opportunity as well. The entire experience is set in the comfort of Escape Games Canada’s spacious lobby that can comfortably accommodate up to 50 people and has the facility to host a projector, screen, and a relaxed lunch.

For more information about this innovative new partnership and all it has to offer, please see The Soft Skills Group website, Escape Games Canada’s website, or please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

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