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The Unknown FAQ

Jan 29 2020 | Blogs

Everybody wants to know what’s in The Unknown. The idea of entering a game with absolutely no information is a daunting one. Here’s the problem, we won’t answer any questions about The Unknown. Why would we? The Unknown is Escape Games Canada’s best-kept secret, and we’ve maintained the gimmick for four years. Why would we spoil the surprise by answering questions? That is, until now. Let’s be clear, we’re not promising to reveal all of The Unknown’s mysteries. In fact, we might not reveal all that much. But we are willing to cover some of the most frequently asked questions and concerns that customers have. So, if you’re curious about The Unknown, keep reading to see if your questions get answered!

Is it scary?

What a fantastic question! We can’t answer that one, but it IS restricted to players 18 or older. That might mean something.

Are there actors?

Another wonderful question!

How long is The Unknown?

All of our missions are an hour long.

How many players can participate?

The Unknown accommodates a minimum of 4 players, and a maximum of 8 players.

Really, is it scary?

That is still a fantastic question!

Why don’t you answer questions about The Unknown?

Because it’s “unknown”.

Why are there so many disclaimers?

What a truly exceptional question! You’ll find out if you play.

Does The Unknown have multiple rooms?

That is a remarkable query. We still can’t answer it.

You have to tell me if it’s scary.

That’s more of a demand than a question.

I have anxiety, will I be ok?

You are playing at your own risk, please read the applicable disclaimers.

Will anyone touch me?

We can’t make any promises since we don’t know what your friends will do in the game.

What’s the success rate?

We don’t know!

Please tell me if it’s scary.

We admire your determination, but we won’t answer that question.

While we’re sure there are other questions that people may have, you might have noticed we probably can’t answer them. In fact, there’s a lot about The Unknown that you just can’t know until you play. What we will tell you is that it has disclaimers for a reason, so pay attention to them! We built The Unknown for you to have fun, not be stressed or find yourself in an uncomfortable position. One thing is for sure, if you’re still feeling curious and brave, you should give it a shot.

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